D.H. Greatwood

Affectionately known as "Bouncer" he presided over the school from 1946 to 1965.  The general consensus seems to be that he was a kindly man,strict at times and very relaxed and jolly at others.His nickname came from his heel bouncing while addressing assembly and a bouncey gait - it seemed to fit his character perfectly. He often used to twirl  the sleeves of his gown around his arms when addressing the school and frequently wore the mortar board. "Bless my heart and soul " was a favoured phrase which, on one occasion , was reported to have been uttered as  "Bless my heart and hole" .You can imagine the effect on the group of boys assembled in the inner sanctum of his office!  He rarely administered the cane (but there will be those who remember otherwise ) he seemed to prefer to delegate this honour to the deputy head Mr Tabrett.



Unaffectionately known by pupils as "God" he succeeded Mr Greatwood in 1965 and remained in post until 1979. Austin Williamson came from Stand Grammar in Manchester bringing with him noticeably "old school tie" values. The sixties generation found him excessively authoritarian but by all accounts he was an amenable man with staff. Top Latin scholar Ross even said publicly that his results wer 10% better than AW who took it in good part. He wanted all masters to wear gowns - without much success in spite of Tabby's support. There is no doubt that his public school approach was not of the era - a man of different times maybe. 


 F.L.Norden  1936 to 1946

Mr Norden was undoubtedly the major influence in establishing the traditions and values of the school. He took the school from the original intake of  100 boys / 5 staff in 1936 to 400/24 by 1939 only to watch it decimated by staff call-up and evacuation during the war years - trials that Tabby said " would have proved too much for a lesser man". His liberal vein of education was ingrained into the school which he headed with imaginative leadership. His prowess as both a cricketer (left arm bowler / big hitting batsman) and as a musician ( bassoon ) were recalled by Tabby's farewell notes. His time at the school was tinged with the regret that he never managed to think of a school motto - would he have approved of the final outcome ? Sadly we will never know.